Emily Pearson is a certified holistic health coach with an aim to inspire people into living a healthier life that encourages body, mind and soul optimality. Emily is inspired by how a holistic lifestyle can enhance and transform your health as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Her lifelong search and passion for healthy living has helped her inspire others in achieving the same.

Emily has trained with some of the world’s best raw food chefs and is a graduate of the health educator programme at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. In addition to this, she also holds a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from e-Cornell University, and is currently completing a degree in Nutritional Therapy.

Emily is also an avid yogini and is internationally certified through Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, one of todays most respected yoga training curriculums that is as thorough as it is diverse. She has traveled extensively in search of truth and wellbeing.

On her website, she will share her experiences, beauty tips, health advice and delicious raw & vegan recipes and show that a holistic lifestyle can enhance and beautify you, your health, and your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.