How do vegans get protein?

How do vegans get protein?

The one question I always get asked is where do you get your protein?

Plants are a fantastic source of protein. Everything in life needs protein to live and fruits and vegetables are no exception to this. By consuming a wholesome plant-based diet you will receive more than enough to satisfy your body’s needs.

It may surprise you to discover greens are one of your best sources of instantly absorbable, alkaline protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and green vegetables are loaded with these muscle-building nutrients. How do you think cows get their amino acids, magnesium, calcium and other muscle and bone-building nutrients? From greens! The green grass they eat that contains all the phyto-nutrients we need to flourish. So, cut out the middleman and go straight to the source – eat your greens!!

Many believe protein is a solution, but it’s not. You actually need far less of it than you are taught. In reality, your body can only handle so much protein, before it is stored as a toxin or eliminated.

Efficient and clean bodies need very little protein to regenerate normal muscle growth, generate heat, and stimulate energy. Animal flesh does not provide the human physiology with critical amino acids or vitamins as readily as from a plant-based source. The deficiencies that vegetarians and vegans often encounter are caused by highly acid forming diets, processed foods, bad combinations, and so on- not by the lack of protein, and certainly not by a lack of flesh!

Animal foods are not ideal for us. They are more difficult to digest than vegetation and also generate excessive amounts of uric acid that increase harmful acidity to the body. The slow transit times of these concentrated foods may cause fermentation and gas pressure that causes inflammation, the precursor to illness.

Herbivores such as elephants, horses and gorillas consume entirely plant-based diets and certainly do not lack any strength or muscle. If these powerhouses of strength can live on greens, so can you!


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