Natural Products

Natural Products

Following on from my last post “How safe our your cosmetics?” I thought I would compile together a list of the natural products I use and would recommend…

1. Face Products

I mostly use Essensa facial products which are organic, containing NO synthetic aroma chemicals, NO synthetic perfumes and NO parabens. I also occassionaly use products from Alkaitis (100% organically grown, raw skin food for all skin types its even edible!!), eminence organicsLive Native and Raw Gaia.

My favourite product however, is Bee Yummy raw & organic skin food. Containing only honey, honey cappings, bee pollen, propolis, st. john’s wort oil, royal jelly, pure water and balsam fir needles, its very nourishing and feels super hydrating on your skin.


2. Hair

Aubrey Organics are my favourite shampoos & conditionars to use, they only use the finest herbals and plant extracts in their most natural form, and no synthetic additives or petrochemicals of any kind are used in any of their products. I love their philosophy: “Why use something synthetic when something natural works so much better?” So true!

I pretty much just wash and go, and rub a bit of coconut oil onto the ends, a few inches up from the bottom, to keep it from getting dry.


3. Deodorant

I use Thai Natural Crystal Deodorant, it really works! NO smell, unscented, all natural with just a simple ingredient, mineral salts.


4. Toothpaste

There are many conflicting views as to whether flouride in toothpaste is bad for you or not. I personally try to avoid it but will use it occasionaly as long as the rest of the ingredients are natural. I mostly use green people (which is flouride-free, SLS-free & 100% natural).

5. Body

Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers, you can usually just find it on your kitchen shelf, it is cheap, totally natural and super nourishing. I will also occasionially use some of the other oils in my kitchen, such as: hemp seed oil, olive oil and almond oil.

You can also have fun making up your own oils mixing together differnt natural oils from your kitchen (make sure they are cold pressed) and you can add other ingredients such as rose essence to give it a nice smell, and things like vitamin e oil which is a great healing oil. Also check out my natural body butter recipe this is my all time favourite moisturizer!

coconut oil

6. Make-up

My make-up bag consists of La Bella Donna (they do just about everything, but i use there mascara and blusher), RMS beauty (excellent concealor & luminizer) and Inika.

rms beauty organic mineral makeup

7. Lips

I love Hurrraw products, the are totally raw and organic- and they work great.


9. Perfumes

Kuumba Made do great natural fragrance oils, my favourite is black coconut, it smells fantastic and is all-natural. Just roll it on and you will smell great all day long!!


Alot of these products you can buy at content which is a great boutique skincare store, naturopathic clinic and beauty salon using & selling all organic and natural products. Its on Bulstrode Street in London, so if you are in the area its definitely worth checking out, or if in need of an organic/natural beauty treatment! Also you can visit my shop where i have most of these products listed.


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