Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

This has to be one of my favorite summer drinks. It is super refreshing, hydrating and full of nutrients and what says summertime better than Watermelon?  With a water content of almost 90%, watermelon is immensely hydrating and cleansing for the skin and said to me more nutritions than most other fruits. It is packed with antioxidants and rich in electrolytes sodium and potassium and has a cooling effect on the body. It is no wonder that we find ourselves reaching for a piece on those hot summer days!

The Cucumbers in this juice are also ultra-hydrating and a great super food for your skin. They contain silica, which is great for the complexion and important in strengthening the body’s connective tissue. While the mint leaves add a nice refreshing flavor to the drink, they can also help you digest more effectively.

This juice is just super spectacular! 


  • 5 cups diced watermelon flesh
  • 1 medium sized cucumber, cut into chunks
  • 12 mint leaves with stems
  • 1 lime
  • Ice


  1. Cut the skin of the watermelon and dice the flesh to fill 5 cups
  2. Place the diced watermelon, cucumber, mint and lime throught the juicer.
  3. Add ice to keep it cool (you could even make it into a slushy and blend the ice)
  4. Refresh, hydrate and enjoy! 



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